Saturday 8 October 2011

Micro-solo 2: The Mine of the Wretch King {T&T}

Welcome to the second Trollish Delver micro-solo: The Mine of the Wretch King. Since you'll be flung straight into the adventure, take sometime before to spend some gold and stock up using the equipment tables in the rulebook (whichever you may be using). Enjoy!

The Mine of the Wretch King


You are listening intently to the conversation two dwarves are having next to you in the pub.
"Did you hear about Folli? He went into that damned mine looking for Heglock's gold and never came 
back. What a fool!" The other rolls his eyes and glugs his mead. 
"Not the smartest, that Folli," he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, "But I don't blame
him. Heglock's Mine is said to be filled with riches."
The thought of all this potential money interests you, so you proceed to ask them there whereabouts
of the mine. They reluctantly tell you after pestering them and before long you're on your way. 
When you reach the mouth of the mine you see there are two tunnels, both very dark. Go down the left tunnel (go to 6)
or go down the right tunnel (go to 8)


You enter a small cavern. The decomposing body of a white-bearded dwarf lies here. It looks
like all valuables have been taken from him except a jewelled dagger that he grasps in his hand.
Do you take the dagger? (go to 7) or keep going? (go to 5)


You quickly duck behind a large rock and watch as three little grey creatures walk by, each 
carrying crude weapons and wearing ripped cloth armour. When they are out of sight, you
emerge from your hiding place and continue into the mine (go to 2).


The cart contains a badly beaten helmet (4 hits). Go to 2.


After meandering through a complex labyrinth of tunnels, you reach the main mine. It's a massive
cavern consisting of multiple levels and large chasms. At the far end of the cavern a large 
three-eyed green creature sits on a stone throne. It has a mane like that of a lion and the 
tongue of a snake, which darts in an out. You recognise it as a Dredgeclaw - a monster
that's frequently referenced in bedtime stories. The Dredgeclaw is surrounded by a handful of
Mine Wretches, who clearly worship the creature. Next to the throne is a pile of glittering gold.
You quietly move closer to the gold, but soon you're spotted by one of the Wretches, who cries
out and draws its blade. You're now surrounded by four of the creatures and must fight your way
out. They each have MR7. Once you have defeated them, go to 10.


If you don't have a light source then make a L1SR on LUCK. If you fail, you trip and smash your face
on a rock. Take 2 CON damage and continue. 
After walking for some time, you start hearing scrabbling sounds up ahead. Suddenly you're
hearing voices and they're coming your way! Do you hide behind a rock? (go to 3), stand your ground?
(go to 9) or flee to the entrance? (go to 1) 


Roll a L2SR on INT. If you succeed, you realise that the dagger has been placed there as a marker
to indicate the corpse is infested with a Shreiking Parasite, so you avoid it and keep going
(go to 5). If you fail, as soon as you remove the dagger you hear a shrill cry coming from
within the corpse. Suddenly, a worm shoots out of the torse and tears at your flesh. Take 1d6 CON
damage. You now carry the Minerot disease, which saps 1d6 strength at the start of every paragraph
from now. However, you also have a damaged jewelled dagger (2+3) worth 30gp. If you're still alive 
you continue onwards (go to 5)  


If you don't have a light source then make a L1SR on LUCK. If you fail, you trip and smash your face
on a rock. Take 2 CON damage and continue. You walk down further into the musty belly of the mine
and arrive in a wide, cavernous room. You see a badly damaged mine cart on its side and an exit 
to the north. Do you check the cart? (go to 4) or continue north into the mine? (go to 2).


Three squat creatures with pinprick red eyes scuttle around the corner into plain view. They have
grey, bumpy skin and long, beak-like noses. They wear crude cloth armour and carry badly-crafted
swords and maces. The creatures spot you and with a cry they charge. You must face three
Mine Wretches, which have MR7 each. If you defeat them, you can take any of the following: 
Crude Blade (2+2), 3gp and a Bone Necklace worth 20gp. 
You continue through the mine (go to 2). 


As the last one falls, the Dredgeclaw, who was watching the whole time, stands up and roars. He
picks up a massive hammer that was leaning against the throne and stomps towards you. 
The monster swings wildly at you. Make a L1SR on DEX to avoid the blow or take 1d6 CON damage
ignoring armour. Now it's time to fight. 

MR 40
Special Damage: 1/1
Special Abilities: Hammer Swing - Every round the player must make a L1SR on DEX or take 1d6 CON

If you win, the mine begins to rumble and shake. It looks like the Dredgeclaw enchanted itself
so that when it dies, its fortune goes with it. You grab a sack that's lying around and shovel as much
gold in as possible (800gp). You also find a Windforge Mace (5+5). You sprint through the crumbling tunnels towards the dim light of the outside world. The mouth of the mine collapses as you dive onto the soft grass outside and breathe a sigh of relief. Your adventure is over, well done. Take 1000AP for your valiant efforts in the mine of the Wretch King. 

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