Wednesday 26 October 2011

Here, have some random horrors {T&T}

Shrieking Zombie
MR 26
Special: 1/1
Abilities: Cry from the Crypt - If the Shrieking Zombie wins combat the targets must make a L2-SR on LK or take 1d6 INT damage.
Stats: ST 14, INT 2, CHA 1, DEX 5, WIZ 9, SPD 4, CON 26
Treasure:  1d6 gold pieces

Shadow Vampire
MR 38
Special: 1/1
Abilities: Blood Drain - If the Shadow Vampire wins combat, the targets must make a L3-SR on ST or have their ST and CON reduced by 1d6.
Stats: ST 21, INT 16, CHA 17, DEX 11, WIZ 10, SPD 9, CON 38
Treasure: 3d6 gold pieces

Hulking Ghoul
MR 45
Special: 2/1
Abilities: Head Crusher - If the Hulking Ghoul wins combat, the targets must make a L4-SR on ST or take 2d6 CON damage and reduce their combat adds by half next round.
Stats: ST 32, INT 8, CHA 4, DEX 16, WIZ 7, SPD 15, CON 45
Treasure: 4d6 gold pieces, or 1d6 gems worth 10gp each

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