Sunday 4 March 2012

The Atomic Robo animated movie that MUST happen {Comics}

There are few comic books around that can match the action, wit and nerdery than Atomic Robo, and the creators want your help to get an animated feature off the ground.

Atomic Robo: Last Stop will be a short film by animation studio Fictory and book creators Scott Wegener and Brian Clevinger, with the story revolving around the eponymous hero fighting the Nazi-brain-mech Helsingard. Those who have read the series will be familiar with Helsingard being a frequent antagonist in the book.

As with almost everything ever these days, Last Stop is being funded by Kickstarter, and while they smashed their initial $12,000 target, the more funding the better. There are also some really cool rewards too, from badge pins, to t-shirts to appearing in the movie itself.

You should probably go and donate now.

I'll wait.

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