Wednesday 28 March 2012

Skally "Wag" Shorttail {Peakvale Wednesday}

Today, we're looking at a singularly shady inhabitant of Peakvale from the mischievous mind of Tom K Loney (or Kopfy) of Peryton Publishing, who is joining me in fleshing out this Tunnels and Trolls campaign setting.

Skally "Wag" Shortail, 
MR 80 (9d plus 40)4th level Rogue Crucial Stats: IN 32; DX 47; LK 45; CH 49; WZ 31Roguery Talent +6, Sniff Halflings (were-forms) WZ +4Spells Learned: Knock, Knock, Lock Tight, Cat Eyes.Notes: This ratling not only survives in Hobbletoe's Kingdom, he thrives within it. He's been to every civilized part and knows almost every NPC the player-characters will run.

Skally "Wag" Shorttail comes straight from the pages of No Fences to Mend, the second GM adventure in the Trollish Delver series. He is a ratling and the bastard son of the King Rat of Yong Song, an eastern city-state similar to our China. Skally adopted the last name "Shorttail" in response to his father's legitimate family name "Whisk-Longtail." When he runs into another ratling from Yong Song, he refers to himself as "Whisk-Shorttail" emphasizing his bastard-prince lineage. Originally, Skally was training to be a wizard, but wasn't able to afford to finish his studies, so while he isn't a member of the Wizard's Guild, he does know a few spells. After looking for work throughout Yong Song, working as a barkeep one week and as a knife sharpener the next, Skally eventually ended up working for trading companies in Peakvale, such as Marvin's Silks and Half-Ear's Candles. He scraped a living in the trade industry, earning just enough to live in Thornguard's slum district.

Skally soon moved up the ranks, becoming a liaison for the more establishing trade houses of Peakvale, but was never above sinking to less legitimate firms. He became a spy for some of these traders, feeding them competition secrets and helping plot nefarious deeds against them. As a result, he knows pretty much every character in Peakvale and has made friends and enemies out of most of them.

You can find out more about Skally in No Fences to Mend.


  1. A nice NPC.

    There is something I don't understand: I thought one would use either a Monster Rating for a humanoid monster or fully-fledged stats. You use a mixture of both. Would this be standard for T&T?

    1. It's not standard, and I think it's just Tom's style. I like the dual-statted NPCs, meaning you can wing him out on the fly or integrate him more fully if you want.