Thursday, 1 March 2012

No Fences to Mend out now! {Trollish Delver Games}

I'm back! The internet has finally arrived at the new place and I'm back to regular blogging, so what better news to return to than a brand new GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls?

As part of the Trollish Delver line of T&T adventures, Tom K Loney of Peryton Publishing this week released No Fences to Mend an adventure set in Peakvale. The description reads:

About two days out of Lowhollow, on the way to Redmarsh and Lake Bloodmoon, lie Mount Dath and Elp's Climb. Between these two snowcapped mountains, the Gnarlay Wood is settled. The dominators of Peakvale give these forests and their surroundings some room, not only because of the ork-kindred bandits that prowl the roads or thereabouts, but because of the Iueresa elf clan that dwells within the forests proper. Somewhere in the midst of these forbidding wilder lands lies the Temple of the HagThis is an adventure for common kindred delvers of levels 3 to 4 using 7.5 edition rules, although it is easy to modify for 5th edition.
This is a great adventure and it's really, really cheap, so go download it and have fun. The next Trollish Delver adventure is currently in  the works, so I'll keep you posted.