Monday, 12 March 2012

The Mushroom People of Trollworld {T&T}

Beyond the bustling towns and cities of Trollworld lie small pastoral villages dotted across the luscious green landscape. Most are fairly humdrum affairs, their inhabitants leading slow and peaceful lives tending livestock and drinking in the sun. However, if you were to stumble across the little hamlet of Fuhn-Gi you will be one of the few outsiders to see the enigmatic Toath: the mushroom people of Trollworld.

Fuhn-Gi is nestled beside the Silverlight Forest, which few kindred have explored. Jonat Foxbrush, also known as The Great Wanderer, noted in his journal when he arrived in the Silverlight Forest that the birds seemed to fly backwards and little brown moles swung from the trees. He called it "a bloody odd place" and nicknamed it the Ridiculous Forest. He was the first outlander to happen across the Toath community and spent a year documenting their way of life. They are a peaceful people and can be timid at times. Foxbrush noted that they would only come out at night, sleeping in their small huts in the day.

As time drew on, the more the Toath surprised Foxbrush. They proved themselves to be spiritual creatures who has an incredible command over kremm. Even in the younger ones, magic seemed to come naturally to them, learning to cast weak spells at an early age. Foxbrush remarked later that when the hamlet was attacked by Storm Wolves one night, the elders were able to swiftly put a stop to what could have turned out to be a destructive rampage with only metabolic spells. In fact, he observed that the Toath were forbidden from using any other type of magic, as they were said to be too destructive and unpredictable. 

The Toath 

STRx1, DEXx1, CONx0.75, CHAx2, WIZx3, LKx1.5, INTx1

Average SIZ: 6ft 8in

Special Rules: 
  • Toaths thrive in the night, so during the day (between dawn and dusk) any SR level is increased by 1.
  •  While Toaths are able to use any kind of spell, they are forbidden by their culture to use anything other than metabolic magic, which costs 1 fewer WIZ per spell level than in the spellbook. Other magic types cost an extra 2 WIZ per spell level. 
  • Toaths are able to take an hour of uninterrupted meditation to heal 1d6 CON on themselves or one other person.
  • Toaths may not wear helmets. They simply won't fit over their mushroom head.