Sunday 4 March 2012

TrollsZine #4 is chock full of Tunnels & Trolls delights {T&T}

It's been a long time coming but the fourth issue of TrollsZine is out and free to download. For those unfamiliar with this cracking periodical, TrollsZine contains articles, adventures and ideas for Tunnels & Trolls. 

Blogging friend Dan Hembree of Lone Delver has taken over editorial duties with Scott Grant and they've done an excellent job in compiling a fantastic issue filled with insightful articles, fun adventures and great artwork from some of T&T's finest scribblers.

I'd say that this is the best issue to date, with articles such as mass combat rules, mounted combat, how to write a solo adventure, and a quick reference guide for 7.x, not to mention fiction by Christina Lea and adventures by Michael Eidson, Scott Grant and Russ Westbrook.

Go download TrollsZine now!

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