Wednesday 9 May 2012

Locket Away - a solo adventure for USR is released

Gamebook maestro Stuart Lloyd joined forces with Trollish Delver Games to release the first ever solo adventure for USR: Locket Away.

The adventure is free to download on DriveThruRPG and serves as a great introduction to the USR game. If you can't get a group together to play, then Locket Away is the answer to your problems.

You play as a hard-boiled detective in a fantasy realm on a hunt for a mysterious locket that belongs to the beautiful mistress of Prince Talos. Thrilling brawls, seedy locales and strange denizens await you on this investigation into the heart of Jailton.

I want to say a big thank you to Stuart for writing Locket Away and supporting USR and Trollish Delver Games. He's a top bloke and you should check out his Lone Tiger Gamebook Reviews site for more gamebook goodness!

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