Wednesday 30 May 2012

Peakvale Wednesday: The Denizens of Redwitch Mountain

Near the mining village of Blackleaf looms Redwitch Mountain, the tallest mountain in Peakvale. Whispers of cannibalistic reptile people are common in the village tavern and some even say that strange people that were once human live in the dark depths of the mountain. 

Redwitch Lizardkin 
Monster Rating: 10-20
Combat Dice: 2d6+5 to 3d6+10
Special Damage: 1/1
Special Abilities: Scaly Hide - absorbs 1 hit per combat round

These squat scaly creatures choose to fight in numbers using their crude spears to overwhelm any trespassers in their underground lair. They worship the mountain god Theroz, and offer living sacrifices to him in exchange for the safety of their people. The lizardkin live in a matriarchal society overseen by the enigmatic brood mother.

Brood Mother
Monster Rating: 50
Combat Dice: 6d6+25
Special Damage: 2/Hold That Pose - the brood mother mesmerises an opponent with her eyes, forcing them to forget what they were doing.
Special Abilities: A brood mother may devour one of her lizardkin subjects in order to gain 2d6 CON.

Towering above her subjects, the fat brood mother is the queen of the Redwitch Lizardkin tribe and treated like a god. When she is in dire need, she will even eat her own in order to save herself.

Black Orc
Monster Rating: 20-30
Combat Dice: 3d6+10 to 4d6+15
Special Damage: 1/1
Special Abilities: Natural Climber - Black orcs can quickly scale sheer surfaces without a need for a saving roll.

Next to urooks, black orcs are the scourge of Peakvale as they raid villages, waylay travellers and generally leave chaos in their wake. They can make their home anywhere, from forests and marshlands to deserts and mountains. They do not like venturing out in the daylight, preferring to carry out their nefarious deeds in the dark.

Monster Rating: 20-40
Combat Dice: 3d6+10 to 5d6+20
Special Damage: 2/1 with a spear, 1/1 with anything else.
Special Abilities: Silent Stalker - An Akanai is stealthy and does not make a sound upon approach.
Nightvision: Akanai can see perfectly in the dark.

The Akanai are a race of warrior women who have lived in the mountain for many hundreds of years, slowly adapting to their environment. They are ferocious, but kind to those who do not pose a threat. They are forever warring with the black orcs and lizardkin. Akanai have unusually long life as a result of finding a fountain of longlife elixir deep within the mountain, which they protect with their lives. 

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  1. A brood mother may devour one of her lizardkin subjects in order to gain 2d6 CON.