Friday 18 May 2012

New T&T creature: Icy Deathseeker

The frozen wastes of the barren north are home to some of the more hideous and ferocious creatures imaginable. To live in this frigid landscape is to kill anything you can find, so monsters are always hungry. The Icy Deathseeker is one of these wretched inhabitants, roaming the snow in search of prey. The nomadic hobb tribes of the wastes, the Klenku, call it the Mamomo, or 'skycaller', because of the horrendous, throaty shout it emits once it has made a kill. 

Icy Deathseeker
MR 120 (13d6+60)
Avg. HPT: 99
Number of Creatures: 1-2
Armour: 5 hits (icy hide)
Treasure: Deathseeker Poison, Ice Whip (3d6+2), Ice Claw (200gp)

Special Attacks
3 spite/Needleshot - target makes a L3SR vs Dex or takes 1d6 damage and is pinned to the ground for 1d6 combat rounds.
4 spite/Rending Maw - target makes a L3SR vs Str or takes 1d6 damage and has a 2/6 chance of having an arm broken.

Special Features

  • The Icy Deathseeker strikes during blizzards and is therefore almost invisible to the players. When a player attacks, they must roll a 3+ on a d6 otherwise they are unable to do damage.
  • The Icy Deathseeker has blood that acts as a potent poison. If a small amount is ingested, the victim will go numb after 5 minutes before becoming paralysed from the neck down after an hour. There is a 4/6 chance the victim will lose all respiratory functions and die after 3 hours. If they don't die, they will be paralysed for life. 
The Klenku have developed goggles that allows the wearer to see clearly in a blizzard, which would be a huge boon when travelling through the northern wastes. They would generally trade the Blizzard Goggles for a week's supply of food if possible, as they do not have need for money. Ridding a local Deathseeker from Klenku territory makes anyone a hero in their eyes and heroes are highly venerated. 


  1. My current T&T campaign is set in a permanent, demon-induced winter. The Deathseeker is going to be a GREAT addition!