Tuesday 22 May 2012

Oak Staff of the Seven Flames

The Iron Tower stands gaunt, east of Lowhollow; a constant reminder of the events that transpired two hundred years ago. An elven mage called Tor-Drienna-Tor, or Drienna as she was known by the local townsfolk, made her home there. She was well loved by all who crossed her path, with many a minstrel penning beautiful songs about her grace and loveliness. 

One day, the Wyrd began to crackle and thunder and Thurgood Darkshield arrived in Peakvale. On a black horse, clad in black armour tinged with luminescent green and great mangled horns protruding from his fleshy forehead, he rode into Lowhollow under the cover of darkness. The demon began his reign of destruction, raining fire upon the hobb town, slaughtering guards and citizens, crying out that he had come for the Staff of the Seven Flames.

Drienna, who was the current owner of the staff, looked out of her tower window and gazed in horror on the destruction Thurgood was wreaking. At once, she saddled her horse, Fairwhynn, and rode out to meet the creature from the Netherworld, staff in hand.

For hours they fought in bloody battle, not one outmatching the other. Flames soared high into the night as the two fought, flinging spells and sparring in melee combat. Drienna, knowing that she had to do something drastic to beat her opponent, poured all her kremm into the Staff of the Seven Flames and unleashed a burst of fire that shone like a sun. In the aftermath, Thurgood was a mere skeleton, charred flesh dangling onto his blasphemous bones. Drienna had used up so much power that she took her last breath and fell to the burnt earth.

When the townsfolk came to see what had become of the mage, the staff had vanished. It is said that in order to stop others using its mighty power again, Drienna used the last of her kremm to teleport it into the depths of the abyss, where legend says it lives to this day.

Oak Staff of the Seven Flames
Worth: 1d6 x 50,000gp
Description: A legendary staff with destructive potential. The wood glows red in flickering torchlight and it has a burnt smell about it. The WIZ cost of any spell is reduced by 3. Pouring all of your WIZ and CON into the staff allows you to cast an Ultimate Call Flame, which does 300d6 CON damage to any target in a 20ft cone. The whereabouts of the staff is currently unknown, but there are many people, good and evil, who seek it.


  1. The hunt for the staff begins...love the story!

    1. Thanks! Maybe I'll do a follow up about the people who are currently looking for it.