Thursday 27 September 2012

Announcement: The Trollish Delver Expands

The Trollish Delver has always been changing, but mostly aesthetically. You may notice a new lick of paint around these parts, but there's a bigger change coming to the blog. Since 2009 The Trollish Delver has gone from writing about Tunnels & Trolls to roleplaying and board games in general and more recently some TV and film. I am happy to announce that the blog will be expanding into geek culture in general, which includes comic books, roleplaying games, board games, video games, TV and movies and science.

The reason for expanding into these new horizons is mainly because I've always wanted to write about more than just roleplaying games but I can't keep up with running lots of different blogs, so I want to make The Trollish Delver the hub of geek culture.

This expansion also allows me to write more content and gain a bigger audience. I want people who may not play roleplaying games to come here looking at videogames and then discover the awesomeness of tabletop games.

It's an exciting time and I hope you will all join the blog as it becomes bigger and better than ever.


  1. While I applaud the "new coat of paint" and the expansion of topics, I truly hat the little social networking widget thingy that floats on the side as I scroll down the page. If I shrink the window, it covers up your posts, too.

    So I'll keep reading via RSS mostly, I guess. Keep up the great content, though!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Well, just for you I've removed the widget. I think if it's pissing you off, it's probably pissing quite a few people off.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!