Saturday 29 September 2012

Why you should absolutely be watching The Flog

Like a lot people who identify as a geek (and damned proud of it) I'm a big fan of Felicia Day's work. She's a smart and talented actress/businesswoman who can never seem to sit still, which is fantastic for us. 

Day and her nerdy pals are involved in the Geek and Sundry website, a repository for videos, podcasts and more. One of those video series is The Flog, a weekly magazine show where Day introduces viewers to new geeky delights, be it videogames, science or just a cool website. She also teams up with a guest star, like she did this week with The Guild co-star Robin Thorsen.

Aside from being light and funny entertainment, The Flog is a fantastic way to discover new cool things/obsessions and it's very accessible to the wider public. One episode you could be learning archery and the other you're being shown how to make piggy snacks for an oriental festival. 

In fact, Day and the gang are a huge inspiration for my new direction with The Trollish Delver, making content more inclusive, engaging and entertaining. Everyone on Geek and Sundry does a stellar job and all its content is well worth your time. If you want to broaden your boardgame horizons, then Wil Wheaton hosts a hilarious show called Tabletop where each week him and a group of friends get together and slog out a new game. Sword and Laser is a podcast about speculative fiction, featuring interviews with authors like George R.R. Martin. And we can't forget the fantastic MMO comedy webseries, The Guild, which is coming back for a new season. 

There are other shows too, so I'd advise you hop on over there and get yourself entertained. 

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