Monday 17 September 2012

Trollpunk: Neuromancer Meets Tunnels & Trolls

Image by ChuckMate on DeviantArt
I love me some cyberpunk and I also adore Tunnels & Trolls. So I thought, hey, why not meld the two into one big lovely game? Here are some ideas for a trollpunk setting:

Convert magic to cyberware

While I love Shadowrun, I'm not a huge lover of magic in my cyberpunk. I think that the cyberware, be that implants, software or hardware, should have similar effects to the current spells. However, I would strip out 'high' magic, like create water or death spell #9 to make it a little more realistic as to what tech can actually do.

Character types change 

I don't think the regular warrior, wizard, rogue and specialists work in a cyberpunk setting, so these would need altering. Warrior could be Netgunner or Mercenary, someone who may have had military training or who may be a corporate spy. Wizards would be Hackers, manipulating tech to create 'magic-like' effects. They would be capable of effectively hacking into private networks, creating viruses (which, when I think of it, could become the new name for some of the more deadly spells) and making programs. Rogues would be a mixture, called something like Enhancers. These would be types focused more on using hacking techniques to further enhance their own bodies, since their knowledge of hacking is limited.

WIZ becomes TEK

Since we're replacing magic with tech, WIZ scores become TEK. This is still used up like WIZ, as using tech is draining to the psyche.

Rare kindred are abolished

I think only the core common kindred should be used in Trollpunk. This puts more emphasis on exotic tech than exotic creatures, which is more fantasy's domain.


  1. Lovely ideas there, and i'm with you completely on keeping magic away from 'punk.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Yeah, it does seem slightly out of place, doesn't it?