Sunday 30 September 2012

Rolemaster goes into public playtest, so get rolling

There's a new edition of Rolemaster on its way and Iron Crown Entertainment wants you to get involved in shaping the game before release.

You can claim your free playtest materials by following the instructions on the website:

1. Go to the forums on the ICE website
2. Are you already a member of the ICE forums? If your answer is Yes, then go to Step 4. If your answer is No, then go to Step 3.
3. Register on the ICE forums as a new member
4. As a registered forum member, you will be able to see the Playtest Forums
5. Go to the various Playtesting Agreement and Playtest File threads, read and agree to the terms, then download the Public Playtest files

Rolemaster was first released back in 1980 and has been through various editions, getting a revamp as Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying in 1999. After difficulties with intellectual property, a new edition was published in 2007 called Rolemaster Classic, which is an updated version of the second edition rules. Yeah, Rolemaster has a bit of a complicated history.

ICE have given an indication of the eventual price of the books that will be released alongside the core rules. The smaller books, Arms Law, Character Law and Treasure Law will set you back $15 while the larger books, Spell Law and Creature Law will be $20, with options for print on demand.

If you're playtesting, then make your opinions heard in the comments.

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