Sunday 9 September 2012

USR Cyberpunk Character: Trent Farmer

Trent Farmer
System Agent
Action d10
Wits d8
Ego d6
Hits 13

Action: Enhanced Reflexes (+2), EyeTek Targeting (+2)
Wits: Hacking (+2)

Equipment: TekPistol, SYSagent Uniform, TekJacker Cable, Globocorp eCigarettes

Bio: Trent was a loyal agent of The System, a worldwide autocratic network that controls government across the globe. He was a law-enforcement agent, born and bred for the job, fitted with Tek enhancements to make him quicker and more deadly than regular people. But one day the System disconnected from his brain and he found that he was the target of other SYSagents. Now he is trying to discover why he was disconnected and why the ruler of the world wants him dead.

Specialism Details

Enhanced Reflexes: Trent is fitted with MuscleTek that allows him to react faster than normal people.
EyeTek Targeting: EyeTek augments Trent's vision with a small targeting reticule to help with his aim. This grants him a +1 to attack rolls when using ranged weapons.
Hacking: Trent is a seasoned hacker, able to access encrypted mainframes and areas of the SYSNET.

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