Friday 28 September 2012

Crank Out the Decibels with Rockband Manager

Some people were born to rock. Others were born to manage those who rock, booking them gigs, helping them churn out albums and ultimately making them the biggest thing since Axl Rose's ego. Fantasy Flight has released Rockband Manager, a fast-paced card game that sees players form a band and follow their career collecting enough precious decibels to win the game.

In this light and fast-paced game, each player starts with a limited amount of cash with which to assemble a band. Players take turns bidding on and adding musicians to a group. Once each player has created their band, it is time to move on to the Career phases of the game, where bands produce albums, perform gigs, and do anything to get the inside track to success.
The goal of the game is to be the band that collects the most decibels. 
During the Career phases, player gain decibels by claiming cards from a group of ten Career cards. If your vocalist has tons of Charisma, she can book a sweet show that instantly raises your decibels. The guitar player, the guy with loads of Talent, can start recording in the studio, and the opportunistic drummer? Send him out to sabotage all of your rivals. The path to stardom has many roads and there are many ways to gain decibels, so do everything you can to get to the top.

This seems like a really nice little party game, complimented with a few beers with some good buddies. What do you think? Do you prefer sword and sorcery over band management?


  1. As a drummer, not so sure that the job of being a dick is a great one to be labelled with...

    FFG put out great games though, so I'll probably take a look at some point.

    1. Haha, yeah I think it's going to be a tad lighter than reality.