Tuesday 16 October 2012

BEANWORLD brings BEAN! RPG to life

BEAN! is a D2 roleplaying game where players take on the role of beans in a fantasy world. It's written and illustrated by Jeff Freels of Fabled Worlds and I recommend buying and playing it.

Fabled Worlds has just released BEANWORLD, a sourcebook for BEAN! containing a load of great setting material for the world of Terrafavus, including:

   -the creation of Beanworld and the Elder Beans
   -Beanfolk physiology
   -a discussion of Magic
   -the new Shaman and Monk Archetypes
   -some new Character races and monsters
   -an extravagantly illustrated atlas of the lands
   -maps and descriptions of Beanworld's largest city, Khamril-Dahl
   -The Beanstiary (on other worlds this would be called a "bestiary")
   -and bits of legends and lore tucked in for good measure

For a $5 PDF, you really can't go wrong with BEANWORLD. One of my favourite games has bean a BEAN! game, and it's a really great system for introducing new players to the hobby.


  1. Man, I have to get this. I just got Bean! 2nd Ed, and I am already jones-ing for more. Bean! had rekindled my interest in T&T, and also made me want to run Bean! itself, like soon!

  2. Beanworld has been a great comic by Larry Marder for 25-30 years now. You can get the graphic novels on Amazon! :)

  3. i truly hope you change the name and concept, so it isn't the EXACT SAME THING as this critically acclaimed comic book/graphic novel franchise. Larry Marder rocks!

  4. So far, Larry Marder seems to find this incident kind of funny, judging by his most recent Tweet:

    Larry Marder ‏@larrymarder
    You'd think in this day & age you might try googling a name before doing something as stupid as these people have done. http://www.trollishdelver.com/2012/10/beanworld-brings-bean-rpg-to-life.html …

    But don't push your luck.

  5. In another Tweet, Marder talks about getting a lawyer.

    Some preemptive good-faith action by Fabled Worlds -- a name change at least -- might prevent trouble down the road.

    1. Yeah, I had no idea about Beanworld. I hope the guy doesn't take legal action - Jeff's not a thief - I guess he just didn't do his research.

  6. The book has been pulled from RPGNow.com - bummer because I was about to purchase it.

    Double bummer about the name conflict, hopefully Mr Marder does not seek legal action.

  7. Mr Marder has chosen to attack and slander Jeff. See http://tinyurl.com/bsotu4n

  8. If you're going to release a product for sale anywhere you have to check your marks. End of story.

  9. Thank you for justifying a greedy man seeking to raid a kidney fund, Mr ....Oh, that's right. You were terrified of being recognized.

  10. From Larry Marder:
    "Everything has been worked out in a friendly manner with nary a lawyer involved.
    Truth is, I never heard of Jeff Freels and his Bean! RPG any more than he had apparently heard of me and my comic book BEANWORLD series.
    But, folks, I DO own the trademark BEANWORLD as one word.
    I’ve peacefully coexisted with the “Bean World” bean-bag doll folks in the UK for many years.
    As a matter of courtesy we often remind our retail partners when they use our names interchangeably.
    Even my own publisher Dark Horse has been known to make the “Bean World “error from time to time.
    The matter is resolved.