Tuesday, 16 October 2012

BEANWORLD brings BEAN! RPG to life

BEAN! is a D2 roleplaying game where players take on the role of beans in a fantasy world. It's written and illustrated by Jeff Freels of Fabled Worlds and I recommend buying and playing it.

Fabled Worlds has just released BEANWORLD, a sourcebook for BEAN! containing a load of great setting material for the world of Terrafavus, including:

   -the creation of Beanworld and the Elder Beans
   -Beanfolk physiology
   -a discussion of Magic
   -the new Shaman and Monk Archetypes
   -some new Character races and monsters
   -an extravagantly illustrated atlas of the lands
   -maps and descriptions of Beanworld's largest city, Khamril-Dahl
   -The Beanstiary (on other worlds this would be called a "bestiary")
   -and bits of legends and lore tucked in for good measure

For a $5 PDF, you really can't go wrong with BEANWORLD. One of my favourite games has bean a BEAN! game, and it's a really great system for introducing new players to the hobby.