Monday 1 October 2012

Which superhero would you elect as President of the USA?

Image credit: Marvel Comics
Last week, Captain America was sworn into presidency in The Ultimates, which means that the US now has an even cooler leader than Obama.

But imagine if another hero became president. What if it were Batman sat in the oval office or Doctor Strange?

So this is my question to you: if you could pick any superhero to be president, who would it be?


  1. A president need to be honest and faithful to their words. Dr Strange or even Batman would not be right. But how about Dr Doom . i would vote for him. Honest just like a real representative.
    No i do not have a Blaster pointed at my head at this time . gulp

    1. He could just have a Doombot do the actual work while he handles his Latveria duties.

  2. The Punisher.

    Or Deadpool.

  3. Iron Man. Tony Stark has president written all over him.

  4. Superman would certainly be electable - except for the part where he wasn't born in America. This takes out wide swaths of comic characters.

    Despite the Britsh accent, Professor Xavier was born in New York City. He's tremendously brilliant. But is America ready for a bald president?

    Third party candidates have such a hard time that we'll have to write off everybody from the Image party. Which sucks, because who wouldn't vote for the Savage Dragon/Monster Girl ticket.

    Since Powers switched from the Image Party to Marvel, Christian Walker is in the right party, but he doesn't have the name recognition.

    Hal Jordan would be brought down when the whole Parallax thing comes out.

    It would be exceedingly unlikely for a jewish/gypsy woman who practices witchcraft, used to be a supervillain, and wasn't born in the US to get elected. But when you're the Scarlet Witch, the improbable happens on a regular basis.

  5. Rorschach - Walter Joseph Kovacs