Tuesday 16 October 2012

NYCC: The Evil Dead remake gets a teaser trailer

The remake of the Evil Dead remake has been unveiled at New York Comic-Con this week, showing a darker and more serious version of the much loved cult film.

The trailer contains some iconic moments from the original two films, from the discovery of the Necronomicon to the infamous tree scene. There's even the sound of a chainsaw powering up.

The new film looks to be an amalgamation of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2, since it's a group of friends visiting the cabin but we also see a glimpse of the classic 'zombie hand' scene where the now female protagonist is about to cut her arm off.

According to the film-makers, there isn't a shred of CGI in this flick. All the effects are practical, which is a really good thing. The Evil Dead series is well known for its great gore effects and we can even see emulations of Raimi's pioneering camera work in the trailer.

The remake definitely doesn't look like it will have the humour of the second and third films, but maybe there's some black comedy in there somewhere. Either way, it's starting to look pretty...groovy.