Friday 12 October 2012

NYCC: The Joker wants to murder Batman's pals

Image credit: DC
Another year, another New York Comic-Con and the creative teams are out in force bigging up their latest books, including Batman scribe Scott Snyder, who met up with io9 to talk about his new cross-over event Death of the Family.

The new event kicked off this week in Batman #13 and focuses on the Joker doing what he does best - being a batshit insane murderer. Death of the Family crosses over with Nightwing and Batgirl as well as being the running arc in Batman. It will see the Joker sporting a new look by wearing his own face as a mask!

In his interview with io9, Snyder shed some light on his creative thought processes when stepping up to write this story:

" I come up with the story and halfway through I realized that The Joker was going to target the Bat-Family in very intimate and terrifying ways. The two options are A.) I could write those characters into Batman; or B.) knowing that those books' writers can write those characters better than I ever could, let them go crazy and tie in if they like. And luckily, the writers — like Gail Simone, who I admire and grew up reading — were all in."

The previous crossover, Court of Owls, was an amazing story, so here's hoping that Death of the Family can live up to such high expectations.

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  1. Really looking forward to the collected editions of this story. Until then, the brutal and disturbing art will have to keep me going.