Saturday 5 January 2013

Deluxe T&T has funded

Not even two days after DT&T launched on Kickstarter has it smashed its goal of $26,000, standing right now on $27,709 with a month to go. That's awesome. I didn't have a doubt that the project would reach its goal, but I didn't suspect it would be so quickly. It just goes to show that there's an appetite for Tunnels & Trolls outside of just the community. 

Erik over at Tenkar's Tavern is just as excited as I am and to celebrate he's looking to launch a G+ Hangouts game - so if you're interested go and let him know. I would but there's a timezone clash and I'd be fast asleep. 

I think the new rule set signifies a new life for T&T and I'm so happy that the team, being Ken, Steve, Liz, Bear and Rick, have got together and put so much hard work into this. It's currently slated for an August release, but according to Rick it could even be a couple of months earlier, so let's wait and see.


  1. Good to hear. There's life in the old game yet.

  2. I hope it's printed earlier as I can't wait to get a copy of the new rules.