Sunday 6 January 2013

Here's the (very bloody) full red band Evil Dead trailer

Evil Dead will be out in the Spring, but until then here's a sneak peak with the red band gory-as-all-hell trailer of the undead-thwacking video nasty.

Curiously, unlike the last trailer, we don't see much of the main female protagonist - it's mostly focused on some hairy dude who opened the Necronomicon. Still, there are tonnes of nods to the original two, including the teased-at tree scene, hand sawing, a similar trapdoor sequence from Evil Dead 2 (Henrietta in the basement) and a scene where one of the guys' reflections changes into something sinister.


  1. Trailer looks absolutely Fantastic! I am very leery about "remakes" of horror "classics"; just hope that the rest of the film is just as good as what we've seen here!

  2. Great trailer! Can't wait to see it.