Saturday 19 January 2013

RPG legend Lynn Willis passes away

Board game designer and RPG genius Lynn Willis has died after several years of illness. Willis is best known for being among the first employees of Chaosium, co-creating The Call of Cthulhu and writing some of the best work that the company has put out.

Willis' full portfolio of work can be found here (it's huge). He was pretty much responsible for one of the best roleplaying systems out there and one of my personal favourite roleplaying games of all time. He also had a hand in creating the board game Arkham Horror. He will be sorely missed by the RPG community and my thoughts are will his friends and family.

So do Willis a favour this weekend: play some Call of Cthulhu or at least read one of his books and remind yourself how much of a legend this guy is. Well played, Willis.

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