Wednesday 16 January 2013

USR Fantasy spotlight: the druid

On Monday I gave you a brief look at USR Fantasy, but now I want to show you a little bit more about how it's coming together in a series of spotlight posts. Today I'll be looking at the druid, the caretaker of the wilderness and friend to all living things.

Druids are based on wits, which is the suggested primary attribute for this archetype. This is to signify their ability to create potions, create wilderness shelters and their knowledge of the natural world. Druids make great healers in your party and their suggested Commune With Nature specialism can be a huge boon on adventures. 

Druids lead generally hermetic lives, often taking residence in large hollowed out trees or makeshift tree houses. Because of this, Elves are generally the natural option for a druid character due to their affinity with nature.

You can see my the suggested specialisms above that druids are pretty peaceful and you generally won't find them in the front lines caving in heads with blunt instruments, but that isn't to say all druids have to be flower-loving pacifist hippies. Some druids prefer to make poisons than potions and have learned how to ensnare their prey in the wilderness through natural traps. They know the best plants to create a sleeping draught and have animals on hand to help them carry out their dirty work.

Weapon-wise, druids generally don't carry swords and maces, preferring slings or staves. If you wanted to create more of an action-oriented druid, you could give your character specialist proficiencies in either of these weapons. However, at the end of the day, druids are expert healers, so they are more likely going to hang back and make sure the injured are being cared for than hacking at a bunch of goblins.

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