Friday 4 January 2013

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is live on Kickstarter!

Today's the day, boys and girls! I woke up to an email from creator Ken St. Andre informing me that Deluxe T&T is a go on Kickstarter and as of writing this has already got $9,395 with a goal of $26,000.

There are absolutely loads of incentives for pledging your hard earned moolah, including coins, character portraits, getting to name an island and playing a game with the team.

So what's Deluxe T&T all about then?

Well, it's T&T as we all know and love but with more. For the first time ever we're getting full details about places in the Trollworld, meaning we now have a default campaign setting. Furthermore, the new hotness with be backwards compatible, meaning all the Trollish Delver Games books you own won't become defunct. Oh, and there's a ton of new art by Liz Danforth to ogle at.

If you're a T&T fan already, Deluxe is meant to be the definitive edition, which means you should totally donate. If you've never played or even heard of T&T, where have you been? It's only one of the best systems out there, a game that has a sense of humour and one with an excellent community.

I'll keep you updated with the funding - but tell your friends. Tell everyone! Get this funded.

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