Friday 18 January 2013

House of Hell released for Android

Tin Man Games' second Fighting Fantasy title for smart phones and tablets is out now. House of Hell, the first modern horror gamebook in the series is currently exclusively available on Google Play.

Like Blood of the Zombies, their previous FF effort, House of Hell has some lovely little features to make the game different from playing the physical book, including variable difficulties, amazing colour illustrations by Tim Sell, unlockable artwork and specially composed music.

If you've never player House of Hell, which is in my opinion one of the best FF gamebooks ever written, then now is the time to sink your teeth into this demonic horror of a book.

The story revolves around YOU, the protagonist, running into a ditch on a wet and stormy night - like the beginning of all good horror stories! You seek shelter in a large foreboding house with a creepy owner and ever creepier residents. Demons, undead and satanic puzzles await you as you venture into the House of Hell.

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