Sunday 6 October 2019

Dungeon Gits - simple roleplaying

As you know, I love creating little systems. It's pretty much my favourite thing. So here's a really easy tiny game for a trad fantasy setting with low/ no magic. Inspired by Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme. I call this Dungeon Gits.

Two attributes: Bashing and Not Bashing. Bashing is used for anything strength related as well as all combat. Not Bashing is everything else you can do.

Split 3 points between them, with 0 being the minimum. HP is 10 plus Bashing.

Next, choose three Knacks. This is any skill your character has. It's up to you what this is, but run by the GM. A Knack gives a +1 bonus to a Test.

Name your character and give it a Class name based on its stats and Knacks.

Tests are rolled when an effort could end in failure with consequences. Roll 2d6 + an attribute + a relevant knack + any item bonuses. If you roll a 10 or more in total the Test succeeds. If you roll a natural 12 you get a Crucial Success, meaning you gain a Hero Die. You can only have up to 3 hero dice at any one time. You can also get a Crucial Success in combat. If you roll a natural 2 at any time you lose a Hero Die. If you can't lose one, nothing special happens.

Using Hero Dice: you may spend a Hero Die whenever you have to roll. To do this, roll your Hero Die in addition to you usual dice. You can spend as many Hero Dice as you like in this way.

Combat: When attacking an NPC the players rolls 2d6 + Bashing + Weapon bonus. The roll must exceed the NPCs defense score (DS). If it succeeds, damage is done to NPC HP equal to the amount the attack exceeded the DS. If if fails, no damage is done.

When an NPC attacks, the player rolls 2d6 + Bashing + Armour bonus. If it equals or exceeds the enemy DS they take no damage. If it doesn't, damage is done to player HP equal to the difference between the roll and the enemy DS.

Combat participants get one action each, including movement (30ft), attacking, using an item or doing a stunt. For initiative, players go first in order of highest Not Bashing first. Decide between you on a tie. Enemies go after in whatever order the GM wants.

You can only use weapons or armour with a bonus equal to your Bashing attribute.

Weapons: Dagger or sling (1), shortsword or bow (2), longsword or longbow (3)

Armour: Hide (1), Chain (2), Plate (3)

Start with 1d6+10 copper pieces. Weapons and armour cost 10 X their weapon bonus in copper.

Your Backpack is equal to Bashing + 5. This determines how many items you can carry. Anything bigger than a fist counts as 1 item. Anything bigger than a leg counts as 2 items. For every point you have over, reduce Not Bashing rolls by that much. Also reduce movement by 5 feet for every item over.

Levelling up: after 3 sessions, level up. Gain 1 point in one attribute and +3 total HP.  Cap out at level 5.

Bestiary example:

Goblin, DS6, HP 3
Skeleton, DS7, HP 5
Orc DS8, HP8
Giant, DS9, HP 10
Ogre, DS10, HP14
Dragon, DS15, HP25
Titan DS16, HP40

Example character:

Phineas Schneed
B: 2
NB: 1
HP: 13
Knacks: Sneak, Acrobatics, Thieving
Equipment: Dagger (1)


  1. Where do you find the time to play all these little games? I'm jealous.

  2. Excellent system. In combat, if I have a relevant nack (swordsman, for example), does it add to both the attack and defense rolls?