Monday 21 October 2019

Quill scenario: The Horror on the Hill

As a very special Halloween treat, I've written a new scenario for Quill. It's a spooky one inspired by Lovecraft. You can use the normal Quill rules or the rules from Quill: Shadow and Ink.

Letter profile

- You are writing to friend and folklorist Abraham Cutler about a strange occurrence that happened two nights ago. You're trying to explain the horror that befell you in an attempt to gain further information.
- You live in a small house on Willow Hill, an abode you inherited from your father when he passed two years ago. Over time you've occasionally noticed lights in the sky after sundown. Recently you've heard a strange buzzing in the deep of the night, as if it were a voice calling out to you. The woods close by have been alight with odd fires and you've heard the din of drums in the small hours. Two nights ago you finally saw the thing that caused the buzzing and also the ones who were responsible for the infernal drumming.

Rules of Correspondence

- Cutler is an old friend. Gain an extra heart die.

Ink Pot

Night/ Starless twilight
Drumming/ maddening rhythm
Fear/ Disquietude
Cries/ Exclamations
Fire/ Conflagration
Weird/ Eldritch
Cut/ Rend
Horrors/ Abominations
Found/ Discovered
Sounds/ Buzzing


Less than 5 points: Your letter goes unanswered. You decide that you've clearly just hallucinated everything and you need to take some rest. In four days you are visited by a being like the one you saw previously. The world goes blank as it dismantles your skull with surgical precision.

5-7 points: Cutler responds within a week. He believes you're going through an episode and should seek help. He is concerned for your health. You see the lights in the sky again and laugh. You're fine. You're fine.

8-10 points: Cutler's response is swift. He's clearly alarmed, explaining a few different stories from the area. You both correspond further before he arrives at your doorstep. When he stays over, he too experiences the drumming and the buzzing, but he dares not look at its owner. He convinces you to leave your home and live with him for a while.

11+ points: Cutler pulls up at your home on the hill. He explains exactly what the phenomenon is, having read about it in the Dread Necronomicon. They are drawn to the house, something to do with it being built at certain angles. You both watch as th house ignites, the flames licking up high. In the nights after there is no drumming or buzzing in the area. You have started your new life in the city, but you still have no desire to look at the stars.

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