Thursday 24 October 2019

Quill scenario: The Haunting of Pettigrew Manor

You have recently moved into a fine manor house in the heart of Kent, England after inheriting it from an estranged uncle. Not long after you unloaded you boxes, you began to experience strange phenomena. First were the noises in the dead of night. Then, soon after, came the disturbing moans that echoed from the kitchen as you tried to sleep in your chamber. Recently, you've found objects lying around where you hadn't left them. But most concerning of all were the bloody red handprints on the bathroom mirror.

You are writing to a well known author and paranormal researcher in the hopes that she will come and investigate the strange happenings.

Rules of Correspondence

- Strange noises are occurring as you write, leaving you shaking. Take a -1 to all Penmanship rolls.

Ink Pot

Ghost/ Phantom
Room/ Chamber
Noises/ Unearthly reverberations
Picture/ Portrait
Red/ Scarlet
Fluid/ Ichor
Beg/ Beseech
Look/ Investigate
Underground/ Cthonic
Gust/ Squall

Less than 5 points: Your letter receives a response within two weeks. It is clearly written by the author's assistant, saying that while your story sounds quite interesting the investigator has far too much on her plate to visit. Best of luck! From that day, events spiral. You are forced to flee the manor, never to return. Oh the horrors you have witnessed.

5-7 points: You tear open the letter with a small knife and eagerly read it. It's the author, signed in her own handwriting. She is interested in your story and will be visiting in the coming months. By the time she arrives, you are naught but catatonic, babbling about the horrors of the night. Seeing you in this state, she packs up and leaves instantly.

8-10 points: Within a week there is a knock at your door. The author stands before you donning a black wide brimmed hat. She tells you she was struck by your extraordinary tale and decided to come post haste. She spends several nights in the manor, monitoring activity on a series of strange brass gadgets. One morning, she doesn't show up for breakfast. You meekly knock at her chamber door and hearing no answer you open it. Oh, you wish you had never opened it. Now, as you flee across the country you can only see her face. Her twisted face.

11+ points: Three people show up at your door not a week after sending your letter. One is the author, donning a wide brimmed hat. She and her associated begin at once to monitor the strange activity in the manor with a series of brass instruments. They stay for two weeks, documenting the phenomena. One of her assistants is found dead in the greenhouse, impaled on a statue. The author decides to leave and offers that you accompany her - the manor is not safe. In a year a book called The Haunting of Pettigrew Manor is released to the public and you reap the royalties. Perhaps the horror was all worth it in the end.

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