Friday 13 March 2009

Artist Spotlight: Simon Lee Tranter

Simon Lee Tranter, aka CreamTrumpet, is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer from Worcestershire, UK. He has done work for book covers, music CDs and roleplaying games, notably Tunnels and Trolls.

For T&T he has done the artwork for Dungeon of the Demon Mage, Castle Death, The Haunting of Tilford's Hollow, Scandal in Stringwater, Dark Harbour and Beneath the Temple of the Storm God.

His work is awesome. He can do high fantasy as well as eerie horror brilliantly and his pulp sci-fi art really echoes the golden age of science fiction. Playing games that have been illustrated by Tranter is a pleasure and he helps bring the adventure to life.

Check out his work at his website

You can buy Tunnels and Trolls modules and solos he has worked on here and here

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