Monday 23 March 2009

New Monster: Blitzfrost Razor

Here's a new creature I created for your icy dungeons:

Name: Blitzfrost Razor
No.: 1-3
MR: 62 (7d6+31)
Spite: 4/Winter bite (when 4 sixes are rolled this ability is activated)

Winter Bite: The Blitzfrost Razor has the ability to concentrate the sheer power of deep winter into a freezing blast that many don't recover from. Winter Bite makes the player roll as L2 saving roll on the average of their DEX and LK. If the player fails they lose 4d6 CON and are frozen for one combat turn, meaning Blitzfrost Razor has a free combat round against them.

Description: Blitzfrost Razors are born in the high peaks of the Howling Mountains where they learn to hunt in the worst of conditions. They are savage beasts that often come down from their icy home to wreak havoc on the villagers at the base of the mountain. Often they are found in icy chambers deep in the snow caverns of Trollworld hunting for delvers who get lost in these cold labyrinths.

Edit: I changed the saving roll just to DEX as recommended by TomK. Frankly, he designs games so I can't really argue ;)

1 comment:

  1. Too much math in the weapon's design. The average of Lk and Dx? Why not just one or the other or the total of the two?