Sunday 22 March 2009

D&D Game Day - The Verdict

I hope everyone who took part in D&D Worldwide Game Day yesterday had lots of fun. I was up early to get the the train to another city where I was booked in for the 11-1 slot, much like going to the dentist but with less magazines about celebrities on the waiting room table.

I went alone so I had no idea who I'd be playing with, so I met them hanging around the table in the store (Travelling Man) before 11am and I quickly joined in their discussion about the differences between 3rd and 4th edition. After about 5 minutes we sat down, talked to the DM and waited for two more to arrive, of which only one did, but that didn't really have an effect on the game.

I chose to be the Tiefling Invoker and we promptly set off on the One Dark Night in Weeping Briar module.

Once we were all comfortable in each other's presence the roleplaying got much better and the table came alive. I'm not going to give anything away to people who haven't played the adventure so I'll just say that there were a few nice encounters and some good use of skill checks. All in all it was a bog-standard adventure, nothing really special and unfortunately we were assigned a 2 hour slot so we weren't able to finish it which obviously left us a bit dismayed, but I had a fun time and we were allowed to keep our character minis - score!

For me it was quite a special game because it was the first time I had played 4th edition. I have to say that I'm quite willing to buy into the system now; the combat was swift and fun, the powers are pretty awesome and none of this detracted from the feel of Dungeons and Dragons. It still felt like D&D to me but with less flicking through the rules. I enjoyed it, I really did.

So thanks to Travelling Man for holding this fine event and thanks to WotC for providing the materials.

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