Saturday 28 March 2009

Preparing for Castle Death

Happy Saturday to all and I hope you're having a great weekend so far. I'll be finally starting A.R. Holmes' giant-ultra-mega-solo, Castle Death, tonight so I thought I'd roll up a character and present it on the blog. I don't expect him to come out alive, after all it is called Castle DEATH, but at least I'll be able to start mapping this massive dungeon for future use. Let's just say this character is reconnaissance.
Note that this character was rolled up using mostly 5th edition rules but with the addition of 7th edition WIZ, Speed and talents. I am using 5th edition advancement, otherwise he would be level 2.

Name: Re'Kon
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Lvl: 1
ST: 28
DX: 10
CN: 36
IQ: 6
CH: 10
LK: 13
SP: 15
WIZ: 9

Adds: 19
Missile adds: 19
Total armour hits: 16

Weapon: Mattock 3d6+2 (2 hands) (wt. 80)
Armour: Soft leather 10 (wt. 75), full helm 6 (wt. 50)

Wt. Possible: 2,800
Wt. Carried: 305
Languages: Dwarvish (native)
Talent: Sweeping strike (ST): 31 - can knock over an enemy to prone position


  1. Good luck! You'll probably need it. A CON of 10 could be his downfall...

  2. Yeah how did it go? You can't just start a lead like this and leave us hanging... Interesting idea by the way.