Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Magic Item: Gloves of Chainbind

Gloves of Chainbind look like ordinary gloves but have a slight bronze sheen in the light. Once donned (they grow or shrink to fit any size) the wearer feels her hands tingle and spasm for a few seconds before relaxing. In combat, during the spell casting round the wearer finds that she can unleash two red chains from her hands that wrap around an enemy. As it coils around them it begins to tighten, squeezing the life out. This causes 4d6 damage to its CON. Using Gloves of Chainbind costs 3 WIZ and counts as a combat turn. Chains have a range of 100ft.
The wearer may attack two opponents at once, one for each chain, but damage is now 1d6 per chain.

Gloves of Chainbind can be worn by all character types as long as they have hands.

If a member of Trollgod's Trollhalla is wearing the gloves they do 6d6 damage instead and 2d6 against multiple opponents.

Gloves of Chainbind have a value of 500 gold and weighs 10.