Tuesday 17 March 2009

St. Patrick's Day Blog Carnival: Bring on the 'Chauns

Oh how easy it is for a Tunnels and Trolls player to get in the Paddy's Day spirit. I mean, Leprechaun is a core race in the game!

Daniel Perez over at The Gamer Traveler has come up with a great idea for a mini blog carnival, one dedicated to St. Patrick's Day gaming.

So roll up a Leprechaun and the GM can perhaps put a few of these themed items and monster in the game:

Firetrap Guinness - There's nothing like enjoying a pint of smooth Guinness on St. Patrick's Day, unless of course it's cursed with an unbelievable spice. Firetrap Guinness is often served to the annoying/arrogant/obnoxious delver in the tavern, the one the bartender really hates. Once drank the fine black ale does 1d6 damage to CON and the victim will flail uncontrollably for 2d6 minutes.

4-leaf clover dirk - The 4-leaf clover dirk is a damn lucky weapon to have. It's an ordinary 2d6+1 dirk except that the wielder gains 8 LUCK when holding it. If it's lost or discarded the bonus is lost.

Animated Irish Stew - MR 80. Make a L3SR-DEX each turn to avoid getting the roof of your mouth burnt, resulting in 1d6 damage.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!


  1. Damn you! Now you gave me crazy ideas! I haven\t tried a solo in a while. Today I *will* roll up a leprechaun, just because.

  2. Very cool, especially because it's for T&T. I like seeing support for other games. Thanks for being a part of it.

  3. 2d6+1 is ORDINARY for a dirk?

    maybe I'm playing the wrong system...