Tuesday 10 January 2012

Atomic Robo RPG promises action, science and robots {News}

Evil Hat Productions announced today that they will be publishing the Atomic Robo roleplaying game based on the Eisner-nominated comic book series, of which I'm a huge fan.

Atomic Robo writer Brian Clevinger and Strange Fate creator Mike Olson, are working on the rules for the upcoming book.

“I’m such a big fan of the world Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener create in every page of Atomic Robo,” said Fred Hicks of Evil Hat. “When I found out they were fans of role-playing games—including Evil Hat’s own Spirit of the Century—it was clear we had a giant-sized opportunity that had to be pursued.”

The RPG will begin development in February and we may be looking at a 2012/13 release, as the folks at Evil Hat "want to take [their] time to make sure we serve the license and the fans well." 

With Atomic Robo's pulp style, the publishers of Spirit of the Century are a great pick to release the RPG, promising to deliver fast-paced gameplay and "high-weirdness" that will do the licence justice.

If you've never picked up an Atomic Robo volume before then I highly recommend it. This is possibly the most fun comic out there at the moment and a real treat for the science fans among us. The story follows the adventures of Atomic Robo, the titular character invented by Nikolai Tesla. Each volume features a standalone story, from Second World War adventure to Lovecraftian pulp horror. This is one of the funniest and creative comics around and I can't wait to play the RPG. 

Cheers, Evil Hat!

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