Tuesday 3 January 2012

Cons I want to attend this year {Conventions}

Right now it's almost 4am and I'm feeling absolutely lousy, so I've made myself a cup of hot milk and sat myself in the living room. Fun times. 

Being up has given me some time to think about what conventions I want to attend this year. Being based in England, big cons like Gen-Con are non-existent, but from the looks of it there are a few that look pretty good.

Me and my buddies attended the inaugural Kapow! Comic-con last year and had a blast. This is really the UK's answer to SDCC and although there were numerous teething problems, I can see huge potential in the coming years.

Thought Bubble 
Another comic convention, but one that's probably the most established in the country. Showcasing the hottest talent around, TB is a great place to check out some great indie comics alongside huge names like John Romita Jr and Kev Walker.

UK Games Expo
I imagine this is the closest to Gen-Con that we have in this country, so it would be great to try to make it this year. Although there's a heavy focus on wargaming and boardgames, there should be a fair amount of roleplaying to be head as well as Living Munchkin.

Although much smaller than UKGEX, Con-Quest is much more roleplaying and CCG oriented from the looks of things and this is likely where I'll run my first ever con game (probably T&T, but we'll see).

Probably the biggest con in the UK as far as flat-out roleplay is concerned and somewhere that I've always wanted to attend. Hopefully I'll rub shoulders with industry giants and some of my favourite fantasy authors.

Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend
I badly wanted to attend this year but real life got in the way. Another small one, but an event that's been growing since its inception. I know that some of my fellow T&T fans attend, so hopefully I can get there and run a game this year.

If you're attending any of the above events then do let me know - I'd love to meet with TD readers!

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