Monday, 9 January 2012

What you need to know about D&D '5th edition' {D&D}

Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast officially announced the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, an event that has now been covered in major media outlets like CNN, Forbes and The New York Times. Ever since Monte Cook hopped aboard the WoTC train, we've all been waiting for this reveal and it's a pretty interesting one. Here's what you need to know about the next edition of D&D.

It will encompass all editions
We know that D&D 5th edition, or D&D Next as some twitter users are saying, is going to try its best to please everyone, from the grognards to the new guard. The game will be modular, beginning with a basic game and allowing the players to build on it depending on their own play style. That's right, we're not getting the MMO many of us were worried about, but tailored experience. Mike Mearls said: “We hope to create a system that allows players to use much of their existing content, regardless of the edition. Our goal is to make sure we are on course for a game that hits the broad spectrum of D&D.The question remains that with this new modular take on the game, will WoTC be putting out endless supplements? Very possibly.

It will have open playtesting 
One very encouraging tid-bit from the news is that the new edition will utilise open playtesting, which will allow the players to shape the game before its release. Wizards has been criticised in the past for not quite being in touch with the player-base and it's clear they're trying to rectify this. If you're interested in taking part then you can register here.

Forgotten Realms will be the first setting
Wizards has stated that Forgotten Realms will be the setting that will supported from the get-go. There's no doubt that others will follow, but from the sounds of it they're going to go all out with Forgotten Realms by releasing material for its entire history. Expect this to be massive.

GenCon 2012 will reveal the first draft
Mearls has stated that this year's GenCon will show off the first draft of the game and people will get to have a gander to see what's what. Whether there will be any demo games remains to be seen, but I imagine that they will be saving these for 2013.