Saturday, 21 January 2012

Shipman continues to pirate T&T material {T&T}

James Shipman is infamous within the Tunnels & Trolls community for a history of ultra-dodgy dealings, from flogging a facsimile copy of 1st edition as genuine to flat out stealing artwork for a vast number of talented and hard-working artists, including some of my friends. 

Unfortunately the little cretin continues his baffling digital kleptomania by putting new solos and adventures on his site for free, even though many of them aren't available freely from the publishers. His latest additions have been the brand new Dwarf World and Formication by Ken St. Andre and Sid Orpin respectively.

Please, please, PLEASE! If you come across Shipman's site and you see the list of pirated adventures - don't get them, or if you do make sure you try and find the real version and actually purchase it. Not only will you be helping out the small press RPG community that T&T relies on, you will also be receiving a much better quality copy of the adventure since Shipman just copies the text into a Word document and puts it online.

In similar news, I have a hunch that Shipman is behind the recent one-star reviews of T&T material on RPGNow. A certain reviewer called Chip Suel has been posting negative scores for adventures and Trollszine offering, in my eyes, one-sided criticism. The thing that makes me think it's Shipman is because of the references to Hobbit Hole being still available and saying the artwork in Trollszine has been taken from Hobbit Hole. The reviewer says:
"Overall TrollsZine #1 was just okay, even if most of the artwork from this issue has been used before in The Hobbit Hole. Shouldn’t that be credited to it? I’ve since heard that TrollsZine has stalled at issue #3, but that seems very ironic seeing how TrollsZine said The Hobbit Hole was dead, yet it still lives. Wanting something to die doesn't make it true. Keep up the good quality, but leave out the nasty Trollhalla politics."
He also references Dungeoneer's Digest, which is another Shipman publication, so either this is an overly-critical T&T fan that's blind to Shipman's bullshit, or it's the slimy hobbit himself.