Saturday 28 January 2012

Two new solos released this week {T&T}

I've said it before, but I think that the T&T fanbase is one of the most creative and hard-working fanbases in RPG-dom. This week, two new solitaire adventures were released: Dragon's Blood and Temple of the Fool God.

Yup, T&T players are being spoiled this week with two great-looking adventures. First off, Dragon's Blood by Ken St Andre hit DriveThruRPG at the beginning of the week. This was published by Flying Buffalo and is an unusually higher-level adventure for levels 4+, so I reckon it's going to be a fairly difficult one to complete. I'll have a review up in February.

The other solo launched today and I reckon this is going to be a real treat. Temple of the Fool God is by fellow blogger-in-arms Stuart Lloyd or Lloyd of Gamebooks fame. Remember the guy who wrote the virtual handbook on gamebook writing? Yeah, that's Stuart, so I doubt this 190 paragraph romp will disappoint. The plot follows the delver attempting to retrieve priceless treasure from the belly of a mad god while avoiding tricks, traps and all that great stuff that just wants you dead. Again, I'll be putting a review of this up next week.


  1. I'm not a big fan of solo adventures :(
    Any good T&T GM adventure you'd recommend?

  2. @賈尼 Elder Tunnels always have some great GM adventures in them. It Came from Beyond the Stars might be good if you like Lovecraftian adventure. Lone Delver Games has just released Dungeon of the Rat, which I'll be posting about tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for the plug! I hope by book lives up to the build up!

  4. I've already purchased Dungeon of the Rat. Is there a list with the tables of contents of the various Elder Tunnels issues? But I'd really, really like something like Dungeon of the Rat (which really makes use of T&T mechanisms like Talents and SRs) but on a larger scale.