Saturday 28 January 2012

USR is available from Lulu FREE! {USR}

My first RPG system, USR (Unbelievably Simple Role-playing) is now available to download for free. I intended on getting it out in February, but because I'll be moving into my sexy new apartment it probably wouldn't launch until late February/ early March, so here it is now!

USR is a really easy-to-play generic role-playing system that will be used as the basis of my future games. With USR you can play any genre you want using simple, character-driven rules that can be read in 15 minutes, meaning you can spend more time playing and less time looking up rules.

Character creation is fast and easy and level advancement relies on character development rather than min/maxing. There are rules for weapons that allow for anything from a wooden club to a gamma ray blaster and combat is quick and easy but can be changed to a higher level of complexity if the players prefer.

The whole system is flexible and modular, so feel free to change rules to whatever suits you. What matters is that you have great adventures and a fun time with your friends.


  1. Read it, and I really like it! How would you handle magic or superpowers in this system? Just let them be added as a Specialism, I guess? Very cool stuff, I really like how fast the combat works.

  2. @BollWeevilPrime That's great, I'm so glad that you like it. That's a really good question. Right now you can use specialisms, so a character begins with 3 superpowers (e.g. Wall-crawling, Webbing and Acrobatics). I will be releasing a supers supplement somewhere down the road that expands a bit on the rules.

  3. At 9 pages, it certainly is unbelievably simple. I shall give it a read.