Sunday, 22 January 2012

Get your face in a T&T adventure {T&T}

I don't mean pick up a copy of Arena of Khazan and start rubbing it against your cheeks. Liz Danforth, master artist who has done work for Magic: The Gathering and Tunnels & Trolls is giving you the chance to be drawn into the new French version of classic adventure Buffalo Castle. 

Liz is letting people bid on having their face stuck on one of four characters in the book, with a closing date of February 5th. If you fancy being part of roleplaying history, then her blog has all the details you need.

For those unfamiliar with Buffalo Castle, it was the first solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls and the first ever gamebook of its kind. You might have thought The Warlock of Firetop Mountain was the first gamebook, but that was actually released six years after Buffalo Castle.

While Buffalo Castle is a rather generic dungeon crawl that lacks a lot of the imagination that went into subsequent books, it still stands as the classic solitaire adventure and is often used as a gauntlet for freshly rolled characters by T&T fans. Author Rick Loomis has stated that the main purpose of the solo is to get folks interested into the game, which I think it does pretty well. You have your wandering monsters, traps and phat lewt: the basis of every good T&T adventure.

Flying Buffalo has kindly put the whole solo up online if you want to give it a shot.