Saturday 9 June 2012

ACKS has me feeling all left out

I don't know why, but Adventurer Conqueror King System seems more and more attractive every day. It might be all of Tenkar's hootin' and hollerin' about his campaign or it might just be that sweet cover design that gives me the vapours, but I know that I want that thing in my pants. Although not really.

I think I like the scope of the game. It plays on handing the players the opportunity for a legacy, with rules to that bent. Castle management sounds pretty good, I like the thought of mico-managing my guards and servants, controlling what goes on my Wednesday night menu (tacos, please). I'd also create a new day in my honour. That would be an awesome day. There would be cake.

Other than that, reports seem to say that it's like a streamlined OSR title but sort of not at the same time. Can I be bothered to invest in that? I have LoTFP, LL, OSRIC and S&W and I can strip D&D Next down to size if I so wish. Guys, do I want this game? I think I do. Maybe.


  1. I think you do ;)

    Really, it does play very well (although I have thrown in a few house rules - I ALWAYS throw in a few house rules ;)

    I believe tonights game is going to be "on air" or something, so you can watch when I can't remember the right rule for something and just "make something up" - and it usually works ;)

    1. Sounds good to me. I very much favour the "make something up" method. Mostly because I'm lazy ;)