Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Dredd trailer hits the interwebs

Yes, well, I'm not too impressed.

I'll obviously still pay top dollar to watch it, but man, this looks a bit vacuous. The plot seems to revolve around a new drug that's making the rounds in the Big Meg that is essentially an excuse to have slo-mo action shots to the sound of La Roux. TV's Sarah Connor is in control of said SFX drug and therefore controls the entire city.

I don't know, but the shots where we see ground-level Mega-City One don't really echo the comic books at all. It all seems, well, near future, rather than awesome super future. But obviously this is just a trailer and it's only giving us a snippet of what the movie's about, so I really hope it rolls with the comic book mentality of being intelligent and satirical rather than just being another action movie.

Also, the shoulder pads are weak.