Sunday, 10 June 2012

Which is Lovecraft's best story?

H.P Lovecraft was undoubtedly the master of cosmic horror, creating creatures and nightmare vistas that resonate well with nerds like me, who aren't necessarily afraid of ghosts and demons, but shudder at the tentacled shadows that gibber in the heart of the night. But the question remains, out of all of his stories, which is the best?

While many of his tales seem fairly similar on the surface, when you peer deeper into their dark souls you will notice a plethora of differences. There are the big 'blockbusters' like At the Mountains of Madness, Shadow over Innsmouth, The Call of Cthulhu and The Dunwich Horror, which are all fantastic stories, but on the other hand you also have the subtle understated yarns like Dagon and The Festival, which are horrifying on a different  level.

Personally, At the Mountains of Madness is my perfect Lovecraft story. It has everything that is quintessentially Lovecraft and leaves you wondering what could possibly lurk beyond those mountains. However, maybe you're more of a Terrible Old Man or Pickman's Model fan?

Let me know what you think the master's greatest story is.