Saturday 9 June 2012

Dungeon Theatre: Wizard One-upmanship

Dolamar, 1st level 4th edition Mage Evoker
Elrith, 1st level AD&D Wizard

Dolamar: It's...I mean, are you impotent or something?

Elrith: No man, I've got that Vancian shiz going on. It's pure y'know.

Dolamar: But you're essentially useless until tomorrow now. You've magicked out all your missiles and for what? A d4? Watch. Kaboom! Just nailed three goblins and still got room for more. 

Elrith: Must get boring.

Dolamar: Are you kidding? I have Arc Lightning and Freezing Burst too. Infinite. Not to mention Sleep, Burning Hands, Mage Hand and Phantom Chasm, and that's scratching the surface. 

Elrith: Doesn't that take the challenge away? You're like 17 and you're already a god. 

Dolamar: Look at my sparkling magic items, man. Shimmering. You can't beat new school. Who needs challenge?

Elrith: Fine, you're better than me. Now let's take the left tunnel. 

Dolamar: Whatever, I'll go ahead with my 24hp against your 2. Oh man, is this a magic item? 

Elrith: Dude, don't touch th-

Dolamar: Aaargh!

Elrith: Sphere of Annihilation. Moron.

1 comment:

  1. Dolamar's player: Hey DM, I didn't get to ask you if I was investigating the sphere or not. Why would I just go right up and touch it without knowing what it was?

    DM: You're right. You're not dead. Make a Perception roll instead.

    Elrith's player: No! Stop! Nobody is allowed to have fun playing D&D unless they're playing the version I like!

    DM: (Sigh) Where's that "I'm with D&D ...any edition" image?