Tuesday 19 June 2012

T&T Arena: Grimfall Vs Hammerface

The crowd erupts as Falcon Grimfall strides confidently into the arena, hands raised as if to embrace the full adoration of his fans. He grins as he arrives at the centre of the sandy arena where the announcer stands, having introduced the 6ft 5 blonde human. The announcer, a halfling with curly black hair and a little moustache, turns to the opposite side of the arena, "And the contender for today, all the way from Gull: Brinnokkk Hammerface." At that moment a red-headed dwarf scuffles out of the tunnel on the west of the arena, entering the sacred oval to more boos than cheers. Brinnokkk looks up at his opponent with a grim look on his craggy face. The bell rings.

Falcon Grimfall
ST: 15, DX: 18, CHA: 9, LK: 14, SPD: 13, WIZ: 7, INT: 8, CON: 16
Combat Adds: +11
Armour: None
Weapons: None (1d6)

Brinnokkk Hammerface

ST: 28, DX: 8, CHA: 12, LK: 10, SPD: 11, WIZ: 10, INT: 15, CON: 20
Combat Adds: +15
Armour: None
Weapons: None (1d6)

Grimfall charges at Hammerface, launching into the air to deliver a kick to the dwarf's face, but Hammerface ducks in time and the human sails over him. As Grimfall's back is turned, the dwarf leaps onto him and wraps his muscular arms around his opponent's neck, strangling him and pulling him to the ground [Grimfall 10/16]. Grimfall manages to grapple Hammerface and throw him to the side. He attempts to stomp on his head but the dwarf manages to roll away in the nick of time before springing to his feet. Hammerface then picks up a handful of sand and tosses it in the human's face, temporarily blinding him. The dwarf then charges headfirst into him, causing his ribs to crack and his body to fall in a bloody heap [Grimfall 1/16].

Suddenly two shortswords appear in the centre of the area in a glimmer of magic. Grimfall reaches out to grab the closest to him and lumbers to his feet. Hammerface turns to run and get his blade but using all his might Grimfall sprints at the dwarf but trips and lands face-first in the sand. Seeing his chance, Hammerface takes his huge boot and crushes Grimfall's head [Grimfall -5/16].

The bell rings to signify the end of the battle and the announcer lifts Hammerface's arm as the crowd applauds and cheers. "Our winner - Brinnokkk Hammerface," he booms.

This was the first in a series of gladiatorial battles waged using the Tunnels & Trolls rules. Tune in next week when Hammerface will be fighting in the jungle arena of Krytiana against Sherri Goldhorn, the Lioness. 


  1. Nice exposition based upon interpretations of the die rolls.

  2. Looking forward to Hammerface's next bout. His high strength makes him a tough customer.

  3. I think the Adds differential was too high with only 1d6 as a variable.