Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Guards! Guards! Campaign idea

Man, I love the hell out of that Pratchett fella. Ever since I stuck my chubby little cheeks into Wings when I was a wee anklebiter, I've been hooked on Discworld fever and I hope they never find a cure.

That's also sort of what makes T&T resonate with me so much, not least because Josh Kirby did the Corgi art (only one of the greatest artists to ever spelunk the natural world). Ken St. Andre's humour is pretty similar to Pratchett's, or at least I think anyway, and it only seems natural to use T&T as a basis for a Discworld campaign.

Out of all the books, Guards! Guards! is my favourite, mostly because I think the City Watch is da bomb-diggidy. And that Vimes - is there any cooler customer than Sam Vimes. I don't think so.

So I was thinking how cool it would be to have a campaign set around the Watch. Each character is a member of the Watch and each session could be a new case, where they track down the criminal and bring him/her/it to justice. There could also be an overarching storyline where all these crimes are tied to one Big Bad and the Watch finally has to face off against them. I like this idea because it's made of awesome.

They could even cross paths with the chap WHO TALKS LIKE THIS.