Sunday, 17 June 2012

USR makes it into the "10 Awesome RPGs You've Never Heard Of"

General nerd site, Geekosystem has included USR in its article, 10 Awesome Tabletop RPGs You've Never Heard Of, along with some who aren't frankly that obscure.

I'm really chuffed they picked up on USR and really, really chuffed about the kind things writer Ted Johnson had to say about my humble little creation, including: "I can't get enough of it! I am a huge fan of this system. It is simple, elegant, and FREE!"

However, judging from the comments, it doesn't look like I'm alone in thinking that some of the others are pretty far from obscure. I mean, Runequest, Paranoia and Tunnel & Trolls are in there! Even West End's Star Wars makes an appearance. I can only guess that it's because most of these games are from the heyday of tabletop gaming. They are awesome though. Well, at least the ones on the list I've played. Still, it's great to be recognised by a site as big as Geekosystem - so thanks Ted.